How To Fix Bg Shell Duduk Kasus On Blackberry Os 10

Article I wrote this time is based on questions from blog readers who want to Fix WhatsApp Android Can Send Files on BlackBerry OS 10. Now, I will tell you some of the most experienced mistakes and how to overcome them. This applies to all users of BB OS 10 (BB Z3, BB Z10, BB Z30, BB Q5, BB Q10, BB Q20, BB Leap, BB Classic, BB P9982, BB P9983 and BB Passport).

Here are some errors that are often experienced by BB 10 users. But before doing so, I will tell the appearance of BG Shell / BG Shell Plus when it has successfully done its job. and WhatsApp Android can send messages.

Cannot Execute - No Such File or Directory

For errors like the picture above, there are several ways you can do as follows.

Method 1 - Move Folder WhatsApp to External

Why move Folder? when I've moved. Yup must move the folder, because what you moved was not yet perfect, because the WhatsApp folder was reappeared, usually because the WhatsApp application has not been closed, has not changed the network to airplane mode.

Method 2 - Write Syntact in BG Shell
  • cd / accounts /
  • cd / 1000 // g
  • cd / 1000 /
  • ls (make sure that the comment appears devuser)
  • cd 1000
  • ls
  • cd shared
  • cd misc
  • cd android
  • ln -s external_sd / Android / WhatsApp WhatsApp

Or like the picture below.

If that way still can not, please reinstall WhatsApp Android version and start from scratch.

Unable to Link, Permission Denied

For problems like the picture above, you just enable all access for the application. or as shown below.

Already Exists. Use ln -f or -i to overwrite.

For a mistake like the picture above, you just change the name of the Android folder into a name up to you, and recreate the Android folder, and do the start of moving the WhatsApp folder from internal to external until the end.

Hopefully the kasus you face can be resolved soon, if still can not in the following ways you can ask directly to me in the page contact me, or can also re-install WhatsApp and do it from scratch. Advice from me, use GBWhatsApp, because its security system is easier than others. For download links / downloads can be read in the article on How To Install Many Applications WhatsApp in BlackBerry 10.